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  • Auditing behaviour change

    Auditing behaviour change

    With more and more government departments reviewing how their policy goals could be achieved more effectively if they have a better understanding of how people behave, the National Audit Office have developed an Auditing Behaviour Change Guide. The NSMC were delighted to provide advice and support to the NAO in developing the Guide.

    Further details are available on the NAO website.

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  • Beacon Partnership Projects

    Beacon Partnership Projects

    A booklet outlining the work of the ten Beacon Partnership Projects established by the NSMC and the Department for Health in early 2009.

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  • Benchmark Criteria

    Benchmark Criteria

    Based on the original six-point criteria by Alan Andreasen, these set out the elements which comprise social marketing interventions.

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  • Big Pocket Guide (new edition - hard copy)

    Big Pocket Guide (new edition - hard copy)

    This is the latest edition of The NSMC's popular guide to behaviour change through social marketing.

    Price: £10.00 - click here to purchase.

  • Big Pocket Guide (new edition - pdf version)

    Big Pocket Guide (new edition - pdf version)

    An updated and redesigned edition of The NSMC's popular Big Pocket Guide to social marketing.

    This pdf version is free to download.

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  • Building effective organisations

    Building effective organisations

    Building effective organisations brings together key findings from a study carried out by The NSMC and its research partner PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP into how public sector organisations can improve the way they use marketing.

    We interviewed marketing experts from the private and third sector organisations, gathering insights and learning on effective marketing techniques and exploring their applicability in the public sector. 

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  • Business success and employee wellbeing

    Business success and employee wellbeing

    The NSMC's report argues that good employee health and wellbeing is good for business and that there is both an economic incentive and a moral imperative for employers to take care of their workers’ health.

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  • Effectively Engaging People: Interviews with social marketing experts

    Effectively Engaging People: Interviews with social marketing experts

    An update of the original version produced to mark the World Social Marketing Conference in September 2008, it features the insights of many of the world’s top social marketeers.

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  • Introducing the social marketing planning guide and toolbox

    Introducing the social marketing planning guide and toolbox

    A quick guide to the NSMC's Social Marketing Planning Guide and Toolbox.

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  • It's Our Health! (Summary Report booklet)

    The hardcopy version of the first national review of health-related campaigns and social marketing in England. (Published Jun, 2006).

    Price: £25.00 - click here to purchase.


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Latest News & Events

30 March 2016

The NSMC Level 4 Social Marketing Award Course

We are currently planning the date of our next Level 4 Social Marketing Award. Keep on eye on our website for details of this course, or alternatively contact us directly and we will then let you know when the date has been organised.

The course is the only introduction to social marketing course accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and has been created from The NSMC's nine years' experience of delivering social marketing training courses with input from the accreditation unit at the CIM.

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12 April 2015

NSMC is commissioned by SNV Netherlands to evaluate a water and sanitation programme in Cambodia

The NSMC has just won a major contract with the Netherlands Development Organisation SNV to evaluate one of their major water and sanitation programmes in southern Cambodia.  The WASH programme is aiming to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases through a combination of institutional capacity building and behaviour change interventions.  The evaluation project will begin in late April and will be conducting both qualitative and quantitative research in the southern part of the country to evaluate the impact of the WASH programme on rural communities.

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23 February 2015

NSMC wins new project in Kent to develop a social marketing plan to reduce the number of expectant mothers who smoke

The NSMC has just been awarded a new project helping Kent County Council to develop a social marketing plan to reduce smoking rates in pregnant women.  We will be working over the next months to co-develop a behaviour change intervention that resonates with our target audience and helps them to quit smoking for good.  We will keep you informed of how this exciting project is developing throughout March and April. 

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18 March 2014

Guest blog - Best practice for research programmes by Rachel Cope of MRUK

With a trend towards social marketing increasingly being used to inform policy and development of strategy, the need for actionable research has never been more important.  Here, I outline best practice to ensure that your research programmes can be put into action.

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21 February 2014

The Chartered Institute of Marketing New Social Marketing Award


What do young people crossing railways safely, stopping smoking for October, voting for a country to join FIFA, not using accident and emergency services and enrolling more students on a course have in common?


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